Vancouver Mysteries

Vancouver Activities & Team Building

Solve a murder, complete a secret mission, or save the planet. In a Vancouver Mysteries game you and your friends are the heroes of your very own adventure. You’ll collect clues as the story unfolds on the streets of downtown Vancouver. We supply the kit, you solve the mystery.

Games take place on the streets of downtown Vancouver, with teams moving from location to location as they find clues, solve puzzles and crack the case. The route of each game is carefully designed to pay homage to Vancouver history, architecture and culture while immersing players in an exciting fictional world.

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You can choose from either of our three games: Gastown murder mystery Crime in Downtown, downtown spy game Secret Mission and super hero adventure Heroes and Villains.

Games of more than 40 players compete in our Spies Vs. Detectives competition, where the group is divided into two groups who play both our games simultaneously, competing for the highest score.

Duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours or a set time limit (minimum 90 minutes of game time required).

Distance: approximately 2km

Custom Start/End Locations available.

Our cancellation policy is a full refund with at least 24 hours notice.

Smartphone not required to play our games - all materials provided.

Type Team Building