i-Exit Games

Vancouver Activities & Team Building

Looking for a way to challenge your team? Tired of traditional team building experiences? Then it's time to plan your next group activity at an Escape Room. The goal is simple, make your way out of a themed room by using logic, solving puzzles and searching for clues. It's you against the clock. With only 60 minutes to escape, your team better work together to find the exit! From the moment you enter until you find the last clue to open the final door you’ll experience an adrenaline surge like never before.

i-Exit Games, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, has 3 different room themes to pick from: Doomed to Win in Las Vegas, Pirates on the Rocks and Party at the Studio. A 4th room called the Matrix will open shortly.

Each room accommodates 2 - 6 players for a maximum of 18 players at a time. The venue also features lounge space with activities and puzzles to accommodate additional guests. Full venue buy-out is available for larger groups.