Conundrum Adventures

Vancouver Activities & Team Building

Conundrum Adventures' fast paced downtown adventures puts an interesting spin on Vancouver’s interesting landmarks, funky art, specialty shops and green aesthetic. The city will provide the beauty, but your corporate team will need to provide the brains, as you peruse the downtown core on foot for answers to artful puzzles designed to both intrigue and amuse. No matter how well your team thinks it knows Vancouver, their adventure route will provide some surprises. Teams might need to match wits with the Granville Granny, “pump up” in Gastown, or decode a message left behind by the Brazilian winter Olympic squad. The variety in their puzzles and challenges serves to test a broad range of team skill sets including ingenuity, decision making, and communication abilities. It’s certainly not your run of the mill Vancouver group activity; it’s an event that will have your staff talking for days to come.