Berliosca Cake Boutique

Vancouver Food & Beverage

Chris Hedlund is a Brazilian-born Canadian, owner and the artist behind Berliosca Cake Boutique in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chris started baking for family and friends when she was nine years old, inspired by Madame Berliosca. But not until late 2006 did she realize that in order to become a cake lady like her heroine, she didn’t have to wait until retirement from the business world! After moving to Vancouver, she starting building on her childhood hobby of making and sculpting creative cakes that turned her dreams into Berliosca Cake Boutique. Chris is a self-taught baker, which is why getting great reviews about the taste of her cakes rocks her world.

Every cake is part of a unique story. Let Berliosca Cake Boutique tell yours.

Type Cakes & Desserts