6 Pack Beach

Richmond Activities & Team Building

Welcome to 6Pack Indoor Beach Centre, probably the most modern indoor beach facility located in North America. Amenities include full showers, a foot wash station, meeting room, BBQ grills, HDTV with 50inch screen, 15 dynamic range stereo system with dual subs, free WiFi, a ping pong table and decorative night themed lighting. They are fun in a box, a spacious 18,000 sf. facility, 33 ft high ceilings and 5 FIVB sized beach courts. 6Pack Beach offers some of the best beach volleyball serving Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and the GVRD area. Guaranteed rain-free!

Games and Activities:

Beach volleyball (counselors can help with mini tournaments)

Beach soccer

Beach dodge ball

Beach tennis

Beach frisbee/ultimate


Slacklines (by request)

Sand sculpting clinics and competitions taught by Sandemons

Sports day games: 3-legged races, wheelbarrow races, tug of war, water balloon toss, obstacles course

Boot camps

Archery Tag (is extra charge)