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Non-professional event planners spend 4 billion dollars of the 23 billion dollar meeting industry in Canada

MPI 2006 CEIS Report

There are 475,000 Administrative Professionals in Canada and over the last two years planning meetings, events and travel has increased significantly

IAAP 2013 Benchmark Survey

Eventsage was designed for administrative professionals who plan hundreds of meetings, corporate retreats, and other events and are unable to hire a professional meeting or event planner. They often don't know where to turn to find venues, caterers, and other suppliers and use Google as their main resource. Today, our platform is utilized by an array of people planning small and medium sized meeting or events.

Currently under-served, this growing market provides you with an opportunity to make lasting connections that result in repeat business.

Eventsage has been designed with your business in mind, from the ground up.

With Eventsage you:

  • Save time by receiving only detailed, qualified booking requests from users that have expressed interest in your services — hot sales leads delivered straight to your inbox
  • Make meaningful connections with hard to reach non-professional meeting and event planners
  • Receive a dedicated page that exclusively profiles your company including a full description, photos, and a link directly to your website
  • Are held in the highest regard among our hand-selected event suppliers

We connect you with this elusive, growing market and provide you with qualified leads and detailed booking requests. We do this through our event creation process called the Sage Board. The Sage Board guides our users through the necessary event details and then provides you with all the information needed to generate an accurate quote. It also pairs users with suppliers that best match their specific needs based on the parameters they set while creating their event.

We allow our users to send out a maximum of three requests per supplier category so when you receive a request for proposal from Eventsage, you know they are seriously considering your services!

The online event market is saturated with different event planning sites but none have targeted non-professional planners by offering a friendly, intuitive event planning platform or offered a one-stop shop for all the various event suppliers a planner would need to work with. We did that and decided to top it off with only the very best, hand-selected suppliers.

Did you know we're a company made up of former professional meeting and event planners? Our mission is to make your life easier and to share our event knowledge gleaned from decades in the business with our users. That's the Eventsage way.

Currently there's no cost to having a dedicated page on our site, but there is a small cost to receive and respond to awesome requests from our users for your services.

Each vendor is hand selected based on a variety of factors including their work, reputation, originality, and ability to deliver. Being nice and excellent at what you do goes a long ways with us. Inside the Eventsage community it's important to us that everyone has a great attitude and a desire to be a part of a better event planning process.

We also strive to ensure we have a balanced cross-section of style and budget in each category.

You can sign up to be listed with Eventsage on our Supplier Sign-up page.

While the site is free for all vendors, each vendor will have an opportunity to hold the coveted spot on our event suppliers page. A random, unbiased system is used to determine the order that each event supplier is showcased.

If you’re interested in joining Eventsage or have any suggestions or feedback we'd love to hear from you.

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